A celebration of beauty


Founded and produced in Italy, Femynal aims to be perceived as a true supportive and inclusive community where every woman can feel loved and learn to love themselves. The creative director Aiza Villanueva, aspires to establish a feminine bond of solidarity. With Femynal we want women to be free from stigmas and stereotypes through an artistic approach giving more internal substance. 

Femynal is an environmentally conscious brand that uses the finest materials for each one of the created pieces. Our design team is very demanding about the fit of every single creation.

 The garments have a nocturnal, enchanting, sensual, but overall, a powerful feeling. A combination of clothing and underwear that makes you feel safe to wear and be whatever you want.

The name Femynal comes from the Latin word "femmina", representing the women intimate parts. The essence of femmininity, a celebration of the female sexuality. A free and provocative feminist scream.